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JMLED Lighting Alliance

A. About JMLED 

  • Advantages and Prospective

JMLED Lighting Alliance has brought together the leading companies across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors in the LED industry.
Integrating experts in the mechanical, thermal conductivity, optics and electrical fields, we have developed a series of patented COB high power LED thermal superconducting light engine module, and many high efficient LED lighting products. With our concept of energy efficiency we use this idea to build a great living environment and share the aesthetics of lighting solutions. Starting from Taiwan, We are moving towards achieving a goal to “Light up the World”. Sufficient and Eco-friendly, Save the Planet, Sustainable Development Quality persistence, quality service, R&D development, interest sharing, value creation.

With a formal development approach starting from the resource integration of R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and channels, we plan to establish our reputation in domestic market before setting forth our global scheme with active promotion of optimal high power LED and contributing to the global development of green energy and energy saving.


  • Features

▲ Low Luminous decay rate: Duration more than 50,000 hours with lower than 1% of luminous decay rate.
▲ Outstanding performance: Sustainable product which remain great performance under dusty, high temperature and humidity environment.
▲ Lasting Duration: With unique heat thermal techniques made lighting devices last more than 50000 hours.
▲ Waterproof Design: Best water proof design with warranty of IP65 and above.
▲ Light as Feather: 150W series is less than 8KG which is relatively lighter than competitors’ products.
▲ Luminous Quality: With professional outstanding design, lighting quality is enhanced to the best condition
▲ Artificial Intelligence: Equipped with compatible artificial adjusting device.
▲ Energy Saving: No pollution, no UV and blue light hazard and 100% recyclable.


B. Product 

1. Solar Street Light: 20W – 80W






2. Street Light: 20W – 150W






3. Street Light: 60W

4. Flood Light: 40W – 150W






5. Flood Light: 40W – 150W






6. Flood Light: 25W






7. Panel: 40W


Showroom: 56A Huynh Van Luy, Phu Loi ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Bình Duong
Tel: (+84) 0274 6512 472

Ho Chi Minh: 458 Luy Ban Bich, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City
Tel: (+84) 028 66 533 833

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